Hi Campers,
AAVISHKAAR INDIA, this year - 2014, brings you an opportunity to bring out your observation & composition skills and creativity through - THE GREAT AMP PHOTO CONTEST - where in, you need to register yourself for the contest, click photographs which will fall into any of or all the categories, given here, with your own camera, when you are on any of the AAVISHKAAR INDIA - CAMPS - 2014. (Presuming all the cameras used are digital ones.)

After coming back from the camp, you need to submit your entries as per the following specifications :

  • High Resolution in JPEG Format.
  • Accompanied with image description, including date and place of shoot.
  • Creative caption.
  • Your Name, class, school and the camp attended.
Send the image/s to Email ID : aavishkaarindiacamps@gmail.com


An exhibition of these images will be held in the month of July 2014 - the venue and date will be intimated by email.

The best photograph will be decided by the way of voting by the visitors of the exhibition, who will be invited in large numbers, by AAVISHKAAR INDIA and the participants.

  • Registration Fees : Rs.200/-per Entry.
  • All the entries will be printed
    and mounted on board.
  • The entries will be returned
    to the owners after the exhibition.
  • The award will be announced at the
    venue of the exhibition.


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